Calcium phosphates constitute the mineral component of bone and teeth in our bodies. The hollow and porous microspheres developed by Psilox are made up by the same stuff, meaning that they are inherently biocompatible carriers of ions required for bone and tooth remineralization. Due to their porous and hollow structure, the microspheres can also be loaded with an unprecedented amount of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), providing an effective vehicle for drug delivery and controlled release.

Given the right conditions, the hollow calcium phosphate microspheres will grow spontaneously and precipitate out from a solution of salts, without the use of any surfactants or templates. This guarantees a material without any organic residues, born from a biomimetic mineralization process of biocompatible ions. The microspheres have been extensively characterized and evaluated for a range of biomedical applications, including tooth remineralization, bone void filling, and drug delivery.

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