Tomas Lindström


Tomas has broad experience from the medical device industry. He has held technical leadership positions at Åmic AB (acquired by Johnson&Johnson) and Fiomi Diagnostics AB (acquired by Trinity Biotech). Tomas has a PhD in Solid State Physics.

Håkan Engqvist


Håkan is the creator of Psilox with a rare combination of scientific talent and a great sense of business. Håkan is a professor of material science at Uppsala University and a scietific leader in the world of bioceramics.

Erik Unosson

Project manager

Erik has a PhD in material science and always finds a way, no matter the obstacle, to move the projects forward. Erik have lived in the US, Spain and France. We are happy that he settled down in Uppsala.

Håkan Ehrnlund


Håkan is a phenominal technician that solves problems for breakfast. With a solid 17 years in the life science industry he is very familiar with advanced high quality manufacturing.

Torbjörn Mellgren


Torbjörn has a background from the research group where the Psilox technology was invented. He also have a MSc in Chemical engineering and complemented with entrepreneurship studies from Uppsala University.

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