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Pioneering scientifically developed biomaterial that efficiently increases dental health

Psilox AB

Psilox AB is at the forefront of dental health innovation, dedicating itself to the creation of biomaterials that mark a new era in dental care.

Our flagship CAPOSAL® Technology heralds a transformative approach to tooth mineralization and bone augmentation, promising unparalleled improvements in patient outcomes.

From the outset, Psilox AB differentiates itself through a strategic emphasis on ingredient branding, positioning our offerings distinctly in the competitive marketplace. This introduction lays the groundwork for our mission, our technological advancements, and our market differentiation strategy, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation in dental health solutions.

  • Psilox AB, a trailblazing startup based in Sweden, excels in the development and application of advanced bioceramic materials, with a particular emphasis on oral care.

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