Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Håkan Engqvist – Chairman of the Board since 2018

Håkan Engqvist, born in 1972, holds a PhD and serves as a professor in the Division of Materials Science at Uppsala University. With over two decades of experience in the biomaterials industry and authorship of more than 250 scientific articles, Engqvist is also a co-inventor on over 60 patent families. As a prolific entrepreneur, he co-founded companies including OssDsign AB and Emplicure AB. Through a wholly owned company, he holds 257 070 shares in Psilox, which amounts to approximately 13.20% of the company, in addition to 6 660 warrants and 45 000 stock options.

Engqvist also maintains board roles in Aduro Material AB, Lea Cares AB, Viaton AB, and OssDsign AB, demonstrating his extensive involvement and influence in the field.

Jesper Dahlberg – board member since 2013

Jesper Dahlberg, born in 1964, is a distinguished law graduate from Lund University with a specialty in business law. His career spans roles as a lawyer and CEO across various industries and company stages. Dahlberg is a seasoned board member and chairman for numerous entrepreneurial ventures. Although he does not personally own shares in the company, he represents significant holdings through his roles at GU Ventures AB and Biomatcell AB, totaling 140 820 shares or approximately 7.23% of the company.

Dahlberg also maintains board roles in Biomatcell AB, GU Project Accelerator AB, Kaponjären AB, Nanolyze AB, Salinity AB, Salinity Development AB, Brain Biomarker Solutions AB, Personcentrering i Göteborg AB, Salinity Group AB, Salinity Trading AB, Saltwell AB, and Transmed Gothenburg AB.

Thomas Pollare – board member since 2016

Thomas Pollare, born in 1953, earned an M.D. from Karolinska Institutet and a PhD from Uppsala University. Formerly a partner at the venture capital firm 3i, Pollare has played pivotal roles as VP in Pharmacia Corp and Schering-Plough Inc, overseeing the market approval of numerous pharmaceuticals that have achieved billions in annual sales.

With a rich background in board positions across startups, public companies, and private equity investments, he brings valuable expertise. Pollare’s investment in Psilox includes 51 180 shares, representing about 2.63% of the company, alongside 6 660 warrants and 21 000 stock options.

Pollare also maintains board roles in Oncolution AB, AC Intressenter AB, Sinfonia Biotherapeutics AB, Alzecure Pharma AB, Alzecure Discovery AB, Stiftelsen Alzecure, and Premalux AB.

Kjell Kullander – board member since 2022

Kjell Kullander, born in 1955, is a Karolinska Institutet-trained dentist with extensive experience in both public and private dental healthcare. His career encompasses roles as a dentist, clinic manager within Folktandvården, and owner of a private clinic under Praktikertjänst. Kullander has also contributed as a referral dentist, an assessment dentist for the County Council’s dental office, a radiology instructor, and secretary of the Private Dentistry Board in Uppsala County. He holds 1 800 shares in Psilox, equating to roughly 0.09% of the company, along with 12 000 stock options.

Currently, Kullander has no other ongoing board commitments.