Tomas Lindström – CEO since 2017

Tomas Lindström, born in 1967, boasts a PhD in solid state physics from Uppsala University and a wealth of experience in pioneering technology startups. His career highlights include serving as Head of Development at Åmic AB (acquired by Johnson & Johnson) and as Co-founder/Development Manager at Fiomi Diagnostics AB (acquired by Trinity Biotech). Lindström’s investment in Psilox includes 67 500 shares, representing about 3.47% of the company, along with 121 200 warrants and 114 000 stock options.

Lindström is also actively involved in board commitments with Perendinus Technologies AB.

Ann Hammarstrand – Interim CFO since 2024

Ann Hammarstrand, born in 1960, is a seasoned economist with a robust background as an authorized auditor at PwC. With over two decades of experience, she has served as CFO for numerous medical technology firms, including those listed on Nasdaq, showcasing her expertise in financial leadership within the healthcare sector. Hammarstrand currently does not own shares in the company.

Hammarstrand is also actively involved in board commitments with 3F Företagskonsult AB.