Business Concept

Collaborative product development and market launch partnerships

Business Concept

Psilox's market entry strategy emphasizes its role as a premier supplier of the innovative raw material CAPOSAL®. This strategy involves collaborative product development and market launch partnerships, reflecting Psilox's commitment to contributing actively to partners' product development efforts.

The aim is to leverage ingredient branding to promote the CAPOSAL® brand across diverse applications in the global dental market. This approach enhances product identity and value by incorporating a distinguished ingredient.

Psilox’s business model incorporates a transfer pricing strategy for the raw material and a per-unit royalty or fee on end-product sales, offering a highly bioactive amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) ingredient, facilitating effective treatment delivery and significant tooth mineralization.

Expected benefits of incorporating CAPOSAL® into dental products include enhanced bioactivity, reduced dentin hypersensitivity, stronger enamel, restoring decalcified areas with lost mineral by remineralization, and the reversal of caries.

Psilox AB upholds the highest standards of quality, as evidenced by its ISO 9001:2015 certification for the development, production, marketing, and sales of biomaterial products in the dental industry.