A trailblazing startup based in Sweden


Psilox AB, a trailblazing startup based in Sweden, excels in the development and application of advanced bioceramic materials, with a particular emphasis on oral care.

This focus stems from the distinctive capabilities of their proprietary calcium phosphate microspheres, poised to revolutionize various dental treatments.

Founded by Håkan Engqvist and Wei Xia from Uppsala University’s Ångström Laboratory, the company emerged from an accidental discovery in 2008 of a novel bioceramic material during research on titanium implant coatings. This serendipitous finding, a unique form of calcium phosphate microspheres, led to the establishment of Psilox AB in 2013.

Initially exploring diverse applications, including bone void fillers and bioactive implant surfaces, Psilox eventually honed its focus on dental repair, specifically tooth dentin and enamel restoration. The proprietary material, now trademarked as CAPOSAL®, holds patents in several countries, underscoring Psilox’s commitment to ongoing research and innovation in solving complex problems with novel products.